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More than 20 years of successful international trade experience

About Loyal: A "win-win" mindset!

For more than 20 years we have been a reliable partner and a guarantor for successful business for both our customers and suppliers.

We consist of a multiethnic team and can therefore confidently conduct business, especially in Chinese and European markets. We build bridges between the somehow diverse markets of Asia and Europe and therefore make it possible for our partners and us to reach mutual goals in the best possible manner in order to sustainably create value for all parties involved.

Our partners have come to appreciate our reliability, our intercultural competence and our very high standards in regard to the quality of our products and services.



Products: "Golduck" - high quality roasted duck!

We source our products without the costly involvement of middlemen directly from handpicked producers. That is the reason why we can offer our high quality products to best prices.

Quality and sustainability are our top priorities and for this reason we also ensure the high quality of our products via frequent visits and controls on-site.

Our core business consists of our own brand Golduck which offers a variety of roasted duck products on the European market. Due to great quality, taste and very competitive prices our Golduck has established itself in the market in virtually no time at all. That Golduck is considered "The best China-duck" on the market is a great compliment for us and the best acknowledgement for our efforts.



Services & Projects: We Know How!

Aside from our core business we are always on the lookout for new opportunities to expand our business and are willing to share our experience and our infrastructure for the trading of other products. If you are therefore looking for new markets for an established business and are in need of an experienced partner, please feel free to contact us in order to discuss if there is potential for cooperation.

Especially in terms of doing business in China we not only have long standing practical experience but many of our team members have also extensively dealt with a variety of "China-topics" in an academic context. On request we will be pleased to provide tailor made consulting services to facilitate a manifold understanding of the Chinese business environment or other China related issues.

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